BalancePoint.tech, and Tbal.tech are services provided by Effective Objects. Effective Objects is located near Seattle, WA, and has been providing engineering software to the jet and gas turbine industry for 16 years. This service is provided in cooperation with Turbine Metrology.

We are excited about this online balancing service. We hope it is very easy and intuitive so you can get blade balancing solutions fast. Click on the small "i" icons to get help with various aspects of the service.

Currently the software is in a Beta stage, which means that it is new and we are still improving things, but we think it will work great for you.

If you have a question or a suggestion for improvement, Email us at: sales1 (at) balancepoint.tech

Additional information about turbine blade optimization.

Technical note 1, Steps to balance turbine engine blade sets
Technical note 2, Turbine engine bolt balancing
Technical note 3, Turbine engine cover plate balancing

Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers are supported?

Modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. No other software is needed.

How much does it cost?

Optimize the first 15 sets for free. Try it now! Additional set optimizations can be purchased by going to the My Account page.

Can blade sets with special blade types be balanced?

Yes. Blades and slots on the disc can be designated types. During optimization, blades will be put into slots of the corresponding type.

When adding a new blade set or under "Settings" from an existing set, look for "Blade type" under "Columns". Click "Add option" and enter the name of the blade type such as Master, Locking, etc. The report color can be changed by clicking the color picker. Next, click the "Open slot editor" button and change the appropriate slots to hold the new blade type. Click "Done" then "Save" and now each blade's type can be changed as well.

Can blade placement compensate for a disc's unbalance?

Yes. After a set is created, select "Settings" and click the "Advanced" button. Enter the disc unbalance and angle. The optimization will compensate for the disc's unbalance.

How long is blade set data stored?

Blade set data is stored for one year. Export and save the data to your own media to save for longer periods.

Can results be saved to a Pdf file?

Use the browser's print feature to print optimization reports to paper or Pdf for your records. Obtain a pdf printer driver from your operating system or a third-party source.

Can I interface to my scale to read weights directly into the table?

Interfacing directly to a scale is a great idea for reducing errors. For this feature we recommend BalancePoint desktop software.

I did not get an email confirmation when signing up. What do I do?

Send an email to sales1 (at) balancepoint.tech using the same reply address as your signup email, and we will enable your login.